GEV Garrett Virtual Executive

  • An intelligent, specialized platform to provide personalized claims service.
  • GEV is our virtual executive and will be in charge of processing all types of health claims.
  • Has the ability to provide information about policies and clarify doubts.
  • The virtual executive is an allies to achieve better control with regard to claims.
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  • Our clients can have one or more Kiosks depending on their population, in which their collaborators can make arrangements in an agile and fast way. They are the ideal complement to expand the personalized service that each employee receives from the account executive.


  • Schedule care appointments.
  • Consult the Medical network.
  • Download forms.
  • Access video tutorials.
  • Contact your advisor.


  • Service 24/7
  • Personalized monitoring
  • Specific consultations on coverage
  • Platform for mobile devices
  • Chat for inquiries
  • Real-time statistics for guidance in occupational health.

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