As a Group we are characterized by our commitment to each of our clients, always looking for the best solution to their needs. Our priority is and always will be to become a tool and a safeguard in your family or business development plans. Our strong bond with the foreign English-speaking community is underpinned by years of constant, painstaking and above all honest service. The surname Garrett for this population is synonymous of trust and service. Our foreign affiliation and language skills allow us to service large multinational companies, with open and constant communication with risk managers around the world. Every year in the market, they have allowed us to amass knowledge that we can transmit as an added value to each of our clients, translated into better response times, quality of information oriented to management and above all empathy with clients towards their needs.

The purpose of the organization is not only to serve as an intermediary in the sale of insurance, but also to be a factor of constructive difference in the circles in which it operates (principals, suppliers, customers and associates), and in the lives of the people who make up management and staff.

Give honor and glory to God through a brokerage agency that is notable for its professionalism, integrity and compassion, and for the personal testimony of its human team.

Our values

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Commitment

  • Quality

  • Professionalism

Our history

  • Beginning of the Garrett legacy. Mr. Mike Garrett began as an insurance agent for the INS, being one of the first, if not the first, to visit areas such as Guanacaste, back then they were areas that were not visited. As English was his mother tongue, it was very easy for him to communicate with the large number of foreign residents of the area.
  • The Garrett Associates Agency is born. The changes suffered in INS regarding the management of their agents allowed them to become their own bosses, at this time the always visionary Garrett brothers take the change as an opportunity and decide to form the insurance agency.
  • Change to agency company. Given the success of the agency model, the INS as a monopoly and market leader gives the agencies full autonomy over their operations, however, always under strict regulation and control.
  • Formal Accreditation. On August 10th, 2010 UNICEN CORREDORA DE SEGUROS S.A. It receives its operating license by becoming the second 100% local non-bank equity broker.
  • The legacy. After 40 years on the market, the Garrett group keeps the love and efforts that Mr. Mike put in from the first day as an agent more alive than ever, transmitting this commitment from generation to generation. His moral and spiritual values as well as his mystique to give customer service remains in the DNA of the company more alive than ever.